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Profile Bling!

Profile Bling!

What is it, how do you get it and how awesome is it?

I see it in the forum, but how do I get my own profile bling?

Profile Bling is new as of June 2015 and literally cost well over a couple thousand dollars in programming and site design costs. (The entire site redo was 5 figures.. that's a LOT of zero's!) Which is why those who support this site and help pay for the programming costs are the ones who get all the goodies! (Trust me, there is no profit here, but a dusty savings account...)

Here are examples of Profile Bling and how you can get your own! (I'm the QueenBee and LOVE my bling!)

Example: QueenBee (Only one!) Verified Real Woman Dating Profile Patron (Donate $1,000 or more)
Note the post background is not white, but colored lavender.

Any member can have a dating profile. ONLY Gold Members, Patrons and Verified Real Women can respond to dating profiles though! (See Account Upgrades)
QB-proflie bling example3.jpg

Example of how Profile Bling shows up on your personal profile: Gold Member Verified Real Man (See Account Upgrades under your personal profile) Anyone checking you out will know that you're one of the few who actually put their money where their mouth is and support a site owned and run by real strong women!
QB-profile bling example1.jpg
And this is how cool a Gold Members profile looks when posting in the forum. It's OBVIOUS who supports SMTR!
QB-profile bling example2.jpg

Example: Moderator Verified Real Woman Gold Supporter
QB-proflie bling example4.jpg

Example: There are VERY few Patrons! These special people have donated in excess of $1,000 to the upgrading and maintenance of this website! Note how the color of their posts look in comparison to everyone else.
QB-proflie bling example5 patron.jpg

Example: Not yet a site supporter (These are the people not supporting the site. They have no ability to send personal messages or respond to dating profiles.)
QB-Profile bling not supporter.jpg
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