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Female supremacy

She Makes The Rules is not a pornographic nor female supremacist site.

Female supremacy is where the female is deemed better than any man. Those who believe in the supremacy of all things female are often rather evangelical in nature. It's great to say that all women are better, smarter, stronger, wiser, etc., than any man, BUT it is my (QueenBee's) belief that while women have wonderful qualities, it depends on the person.

In my personal opinion there are many men who are fabulous and worth looking up to, as much as there are wonderful women to look up to and admire. Yet, to believe that we as a sex are better than all men is not balanced, as there are both men and women who are not worthy of anyone's admiration or trust.

Here on SMTR we strive to be balanced in seeing that both women and men have their wonderful qualities and that we are best when working together towards mutually satisfying happiness.
Jul 2, 2014
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