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About SMTR

About SheMakesTheRules.com

Why do we do what we do? What is the purpose of our website and forum? Hopefully we'll answer your questions here.

Who started SMTR?

AnneInCharge (now AlphaDomme) and QueenBee Debbie started SheMakesTheRules (SMTR) as full partners. A change in her life made it necessary for AnneInCharge to leave SMTR, although she has returned as AlphaDomme who owns the website MenSubmit.com. QueenBee Debbie is the owner of SMTR.

Who is QueenBee Debbie?

QueenBee Debbie Morley is the owner of SMTR. It's her PASSION to assist women in empowered in their life and relationships!

Of course, we cannot forget the men who adore having a empowered/strong woman in their lives! (The men on SMTR are fabulous!)

This website is a true labor of love, but has returned much to QueenBee over the past six years. The wonderful community of SMTR members is a constant source of joy and connection (along with the occasional headache). Plus the amount of sharing of stories, lessons learned, etc., has been a source of inspiration and knowledge.

In fact, after several years of operating this website, a few of the members had serious talks with QueenBee about her true calling in life. Since she'd made a HUGE difference in their lives, including saving relationships, they encouraged her to look into life and relationship coaching. After more research and soul searching, QueenBee did indeed realize that instead of accounting she should be following her heart and working with the people and lifestyle groups that truly resonate with her spirit.

After training she is now a certified Relationship and Life Coach. You can find more on her services at www.QueenBeesCoaching.com along with many testimonials from members here on SMTR. Just start a topic and ask for references in the forum here. You'll see what a difference she has made for so many.
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