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What is all this about being a 'verified real woman'?

Verifying REAL women.

Some people have asked why we have the 'real women verification' before we'll believe that a female profile is truly a female. Well, the reason is that we have had some lying men show complete disrespect for this site and the real women here. These men thought it was okay to create a fake profile saying they are female, just to access and read the Ladies ONLY section. THIS IS WRONG, despicable, and the men who do this are the worst!!! How can you say you want a female in charge when you're on a site that is owned and run by REAL women, and yet you flout and break our most basic rules of respect? Because of these liars, we find it necessary to verify real women.

Every woman has a choice as to whether or not she is verified. If we feel it necessary, we will block a womans access to our site until she talks with QueenBee. Once verified, a 'real' woman will have access to a hidden forum for verified REAL women only! And as of June 2015, Real Women get LOTS of profile BLING!!
QB-verified-woman-profile bling.jpg See the pink 'Verified Woman'?? Only Verified REAL WOMEN get this!

Once the newly verified real woman has access, we expect her to keep her sign on password completely safe in order to protect the privacy of our forum. We did have one woman, April, who allowed her husband full access to her account. He would sneak in to the real women only area and sometimes post as if he were really April. It wasn't long before he was found out and they were both banished. Despite her pleas to be allowed to return, she had lost trust. She learned sad lesson as it was only after her banishment that she realized how powerful it is to have a place to safely discuss topics with a select group of women who are trustworthy and real. QueenBee WILL protect this private place and also expects all other verified real women to do the same!

This verification service used to be free, but we've found that only one out of ten free verifications end up staying on SMTR and becoming part of our community. While QueenBee LOVES meeting new women and talking to them, we want to make sure the women are as dedicated to learning more about themselves, their relationship and SMTR. Therefore there is now a charge of $50 for verification. (Since implementing this, the women have given feedback that the charge made them stop and think about how much they want to meet QueenBee. Whether for asking questions, coaching, etc., they've said it was very worthwhile and they took the contact seriously rather than casually. All have also said they receive far more than their monies worth!)
Some of you will be worried about safely talking with QueenBee, but you can read what others have to say about their experiences of talking with her: http://shemakestherules.com/threads/talking-to-queenbee.227928 QueenBee will do everything possible to protect your privacy, so please have no fear. She's just another Debbie, who happens to have a QueenBee as part of her personality!

When you are interested in being verified, look at the 'Account Upgrades' option on your personal profile. She'll be notified of the verification payment and will contact you directly to set up an appointment to meet on Skype. (http://www.Skype.com) After payment is made another alternative is to contact QueenBee via her profile page here: http://shemakestherules.com/members/queenbee.279970/http://shemakestherules.com/members/queenbee.279970/
Please remember she is not on the forum 24/7. You may have to wait a day or two for contact. Hopefully not though! She's usually pretty fast.
Jul 2, 2014
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