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  3. Mel and I are heading to Las Vegas and will be there August 16 - 22, 2021. Who's there? We are driving, but due to the fires along the way, we're going to be coming down I84 from Portland to Twin Falls, ID, then transferring over to hwy 93. Put a message on my profile page! Not sure what we'll have time for, but I thought I'd gather info. Our first stop is with family in Kennewick, WA, then the 15th we'll be staying in Jackpot, NV.
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Why should you become a member?

Why should you join us and become a member? What does a membership give you? Here are the answers.

Do I need to redo my account upgrade every month?

No! Please do not!

When you choose to become a Site Supporter (THANK YOU! so much!!) the upgrade is listed as a subscription. This means that it will charge every month on the same date.

If you wish to upgrade your account from Silver to Gold, or *gasp* even become a Beloved Patron, please let QueenBee know right away, either via private mail conversation or by leaving a message on her profile page at http://shemakestherules.com/members/queenbee.279970/.

This will allow her to cancel your current subscription, then you can start the new one. This will stop any double billing potential problems. We want you to feel special for being a Site Supporter, and that means trying really hard to not give you any headaches along the way!

Thanks VERY MUCH for caring about SMTR's mission and supporting us. YOU are making a difference, as there are few who will donate financially to support a site that is about empowering strong women in their relationships! Too many men will 'say' it's what they want, but only 1 out of 150 do. So, THANK YOU!

(Believe it or not, strong women are far more likely to support this site than the men are! Go figure!)

How do I cancel being a Site Supporter?

First of all, please let us give you a most sincere THANK YOU! :) for supporting this website. So few step up to become a Supporter and truly putting their money where their relationship needs are! You've made a real difference and we're grateful!!

But, we do understand that sometimes life happens or you've chosen to support other causes. Right now our programming does not allow you to cancel your membership directly. Yes, we agree that is crazy! We thought the programmers would automatically include it, or even the software developers. But, no, that's not the case. We will have to pay another programmer about $100 an hour to change the programming, and that is simply not in the budget at this time.

Until we get this issue fixed, in order to discontinue your Site Supporter status, you'll need to contact QueenBee. You can do this by sending her a private conversation. As a Site Supporter you have the ability to send private mail (conversations the program calls it) directly to QueenBee. Or you can choose to leave a message directly on her profile page at: http://shemakestherules.com/members/queenbee.279970/

Please make sure you allow at least a full week before your next billing date. While QueenBee tries to be on this website every day, she will not access the payment system unless she is on a secure computer direct line. Often she is accessing this site through her iPad or iPhone. So you'll need to allow a few days, as this is for your personal information to remain secure and confidential.

Why should I support SheMakesTheRules? (SMTR)

SheMakesTheRules has been funded completely by member donations and QueenBee. Our most current (#3) site redo launched 6-1-15 has cost many thousands of dollars. We'd spent even more thousands of dollars prior on our 2nd site redo.

The goal has been to provide a safe environment for SMTR's members who are looking for real life conversations on the reality of relationships, including those relationships that may include some 'alternative' sexuality. We wanted to create a website where women would feel safe in feeling empowered in her life and relationships. We also wanted to create that same environment for the men who adore empowered women.

Our newest redo also includes a dating profile module and it actively protects members from those who would cheat, lie or otherwise do them harm. Or, at least we're trying! Part of our site upgrade was this custom dating module and ONLY those who are Gold Members (or Patrons) can message anyone who has a dating profile. This means those people who would have 5 dating profiles out there, or be looking to play games are more likely to not be interested in SMTR. After all, it's going to cost them a monthly amount in order to play their games. There are other websites where they can do that at no cost.

SMTR is female owned and operated. We have a few marvelous male moderators who manage the Men Only and Verified Real Men forums. This is a REAL people run website. We're serious about being happy in life and our relationships, as well as in treating others well. We all volunteer our time and energy to this marvelous forum.

Hopefully you'll appreciate the community here and what a special 'home' it can be for all of us. If so, please consider being one of the few who support the site. Without you there will be no future growth.
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