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Why should I support SheMakesTheRules? (SMTR)

SheMakesTheRules has been funded completely by member donations and QueenBee. Our most current (#3) site redo launched 6-1-15 has cost many thousands of dollars. We'd spent even more thousands of dollars prior on our 2nd site redo.

The goal has been to provide a safe environment for SMTR's members who are looking for real life conversations on the reality of relationships, including those relationships that may include some 'alternative' sexuality. We wanted to create a website where women would feel safe in feeling empowered in her life and relationships. We also wanted to create that same environment for the men who adore empowered women.

Our newest redo also includes a dating profile module and it actively protects members from those who would cheat, lie or otherwise do them harm. Or, at least we're trying! Part of our site upgrade was this custom dating module and ONLY those who are Gold Members (or Patrons) can message anyone who has a dating profile. This means those people who would have 5 dating profiles out there, or be looking to play games are more likely to not be interested in SMTR. After all, it's going to cost them a monthly amount in order to play their games. There are other websites where they can do that at no cost.

SMTR is female owned and operated. We have a few marvelous male moderators who manage the Men Only and Verified Real Men forums. This is a REAL people run website. We're serious about being happy in life and our relationships, as well as in treating others well. We all volunteer our time and energy to this marvelous forum.

Hopefully you'll appreciate the community here and what a special 'home' it can be for all of us. If so, please consider being one of the few who support the site. Without you there will be no future growth.
Jun 4, 2015
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