1. THANK YOU to those who step up to support this website. You can choose $15 (silver) or $25 (Gold) per month of $1000 (Patron) as these levels show up on everything you post and your profile! Let people know that YOU really believe in what you want in your life.
  2. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle are all accepted means of supporting SMTR. QueenBee is the ONLY person to see your name and NEVER EVER tells others. We do NOT sell any information from SMTR, nor about you personally.

Do I need to redo my account upgrade every month?

No! Please do not!

When you choose to become a Site Supporter (THANK YOU! so much!!) the upgrade is listed as a subscription. This means that it will charge every month on the same date.

If you wish to upgrade your account from Silver to Gold, or *gasp* even become a Beloved Patron, please let QueenBee know right away, either via private mail conversation or by leaving a message on her profile page at http://shemakestherules.com/members/queenbee.279970/.

This will allow her to cancel your current subscription, then you can start the new one. This will stop any double billing potential problems. We want you to feel special for being a Site Supporter, and that means trying really hard to not give you any headaches along the way!

Thanks VERY MUCH for caring about SMTR's mission and supporting us. YOU are making a difference, as there are few who will donate financially to support a site that is about empowering strong women in their relationships! Too many men will 'say' it's what they want, but only 1 out of 150 do. So, THANK YOU!

(Believe it or not, strong women are far more likely to support this site than the men are! Go figure!)
Nov 14, 2014
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