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Why we discourage pictures in posts

Pictures are not allowed to be in the average post. It would have to relate directly to your post and not just because you think it's a cool picture. This goes for cartoons, etc., as you should not be reposting artwork that is copyrighted. You can get us in trouble, and I'll delete your picture first.

Also, pictures that show women as extreme sex objects (the unhealthy skinny, women who dress to please men, etc) are not welcome here. Most women DO dress to please the eye of their man, but we don't always do it everyday. It's not healthy for the average woman to see these extreme cartoonish examples of what you might find fun or sexy.

Remember, this website is to be a place for the 'average' female to feel comfortable. Not to please the men with pictures they like. Sorry guys.. well, not really. Maybe it's time you read information and look at less pictures.
Jul 2, 2014
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