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Why couples are not allowed to share a User ID

Often we've had couples register and want to share a user ID. We do understand the reasons for this, as it's hard to hide information from each other if you share a user ID.


EACH member MUST have their unique and individual user ID. This is not an option. If we find that you are sharing a User ID, your account(s) will be banned.

Members have asked why we don't take their word when they tell us they won't go into the women or men only areas. Why? It's very simple. Over the 7 years of this website's existence, the administrators of SMTR have booted over 1,000 men for violating the Ladies ONLY section. Only two women were found to violate the Men ONLY section, interestingly enough.

It's very simple really. Men are far more inclined to follow their *kink brain* and decide 'Oh, one little look isn't going to hurt anyone..' BUT, think on this. This is a website about RESPECTING STRONG WOMEN. Supposedly the men who register for membership here are full of respect for strong women, yet all too often they would violate the Ladies ONLY area. Does this make sense to you?

One man that was booted was sent an email explaining where he was caught and that we'd watched him go into multiple Ladies ONLY topics. He was one of the few men who ever bothered to respond after getting caught. He said 'When I decided to see what was in that forum, I thought all the 'juicy' conversations were hidden away. The women were behaving in the open forum, so there had to be someplace they were talking about what they want to do to their men. Instead, I should have known better. My Mom and my sisters have the exact same conversations as these women do! There wasn't anything of what I hoped to find. It was a lark, but now I feel like an ass. My sincere apologies.'

In our current website redo the main forum has been fixed to require a male or female account identifier. So the different genders can no longer go wandering in and out of private areas as they choose.

If you are a man interested in what women have to say, ask us. We're women, not men and our conversations are the one's that bore you to tears. Yes, the topics about how we feel, how our feelings were hurt, how we would prefer to feel, etc. Sometimes we just need other women to sympathize.

To further protect the women from curious men, the 'Verified Real Woman' area was created. For more information read this FAQ - http://shemakestherules.com/faq/what-is-all-this-about-being-a-verified-real-woman.19/
Sep 7, 2014
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