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User ID's and why we're picky on what is allowed

USER ID's. We do not allow user ID's that are all about the kink. We do not care if you are a submissive, submissive, worm, dominatrix, etc. We real women do not wish to know about your personal kink unless we're asking. (We've polled the verified real women on this site, so we know what we're talking about!)

To this end, if we ask you to redo your user ID and you do not, then that is reason to be booted. (Put a message on QueenBee's profile that you would like to change your user ID and what you would like it to be. We'll take care of it for you.) This is first and foremost a site for real women, not for your kink. If you don't like this rule, you probably won't like the rest of the site either and you are welcome to leave.

Warning - below is a list of what we will not allow in any form:

User ID's containing:
  1. Email addresses
  2. Links to other sites or any advertising with product names
  3. References to body parts
  4. Illegal acts
  5. Negative or hateful terminology
  6. Anything demeaning (by our terms, not yours)
  7. Age play (child like person looking for Mommy)
Jul 2, 2014
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