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Profile pictures also known as Avatars - Rules

Only those who support this site are allowed to have a profile picture, which is also known as an avatar. We reserve ALL rights of refusal of any picture.

She Makes The Rules is not a pornographic nor female supremacist site. Explicit pictures, even pics that are deemed too 'sexy', or posts of a sexual nature or of sex acts will be removed. Avatars and personal pictures showing poor taste or inappropriate content will not be allowed, or will be removed. We will deny a picture if we do not think it suits the purpose of SMTR. (Remember that SMTR strives to be friendly to new women and men who may not have the same tastes you do. This is NOT a sex, cross dressing, women stomping men, etc., site and will NOT reflect any of those attitudes!)

We've had individuals post pictures of their family; spouse, children, etc. We do not allow this for several reasons. One it crosses into issues of family privacy and safety. Two, if only one person is a member, we do not know if the other person would want their picture shown.

You are welcome to post a picture of yourself, but it must show you at your best. We've had all kinds of pictures over the years and some of them are definitely not flattering to the person who posted it, nor was it something the other members wanted to see.

Please use your BEST judgment and put up a picture you wouldn't mind your Mom or daughter seeing.
Jul 2, 2014
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