1. This forum has over 13,500 discussions (threads) for you to read! In those 13,500+ topics, there are over 125,000 responses! There is a LOT to find here if you take the time to read the different topics. My recommendation is that you start in the 'New Members Start Here' forum and read the recommended topics. All users can recommend any topic as one that should be highlighted for others as a recommended topic.

No personal contact information is allowed in the general areas

Sometimes people simply don't think things through. One of those things we've had happen regularly is people share their email address or phone number in a rather public manner in our general open forum.

Yes, only member are allowed into the forum, BUT you still do not know who they are or why they are here! Please protect your privacy.

Shared contact information is considered any info that helps someone to find or contact you in any way. That includes email addresses and phone numbers, besides User ID's on other websites, forums, etc. Save that information for personal conversations (private messages).

Note: Only those who support this site have the ability to send private messages.
Jul 2, 2014
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