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Capitalization of Her/She and lower case i style of writing

Please refrain from using I/i, Her/me. W/women, and so on. It is poor English, silly, and just hard to type. No capitalizing Her, Woman, She, etc. Use good English!

Some people do not understand why we have this rule. In many online forums dedicated to a kinkier lifestyle, they use a small 'i' to denote the person who is submissive or a submissive. They will also capitalize She, Her, Wife, etc, to show that she has more importance.

Here on SMTR we believe that everyone here is of equal importance. However, what really happens is that this style of writing confuses the heck out of people who have no interest or understanding of this dynamic. It has caused so much confusion!

Also, it helps you to get out of kink brain too, we believe. So our rule is to write normally! Just like you would write an email to a co-worker or a family member. It's pretty simple. If you are typing/conversing as you would in the real world, then you're more likely to be in regular every day person brain rather than kink/fantasy brain.

Members who consistently break this rule will be placed on moderation, as it takes our time and energy to fix it, correct you, etc. We have better things to do with our time!
Jul 2, 2014
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