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    First Message

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.

  2. 1

    Going the wrong way!

    Ummm... negative points? What are you writing?

  3. 1

    Lurking in the background..

    I'm busy lurking in the background and haven't yet taken the step towards writing any posts/messages in the forum....

  4. 2

    Somebody Likes You

    Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!

  5. 3


    Neutrality is good for Switzerland, but for writing posts?

  6. 5

    Getting Comfy!

    30 messages posted. You must like it here!

  7. 5

    Happy Birthday!

    It's your birthday and you get a present!

  8. 5

    We are paying attention...

    Obviously folks are paying attention to your writings with 50 ratings. Now, I'm not saying if those are Likes, Neutrals or Negatives.. that's for others to investigate.

  9. 5

    Members are reading..

    You have reached 10 messages and 5 likes.. Impressive odds!

  10. 5

    A Trophy for your shelf..

    You've been awarded 100 trophies! Here is your 5% reward.. don't you wish we were a bank and paying that kind of interest on your savings?

  11. 10

    Can't Stop Posting!

    You've posted 50 messages! You must REALLY like us here!

  12. 10

    They like me!

    Your messages have been liked 25 times.

  13. 10

    A Lurker No More..

    With 20 posts written, you no longer qualify as a Lurker! Congrats!

  14. 10

    True Believer

    You've convinced QueenBee you're indeed a True Believer!

  15. 10


    Impressive! 100 Likes and no Neutrals or Negatives... what's your secret?

  16. 15

    Seriously Likeable!

    Content you have posted has attracted 100 likes.

  17. 15

    Silver Supporter

    Thanks so much for supporting SMTR!

  18. 15

    Writing Skills!

    1500 posts already?

  19. 20

    Addicted to SMTR

    1,000 messages? Impressive!

  20. 20

    We Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff

    Your content has been liked 250 times.

  21. 25

    Gold Supporter

    Thanks for your support of SMTR! You make it all possible!

  22. 30


    Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes.

  23. 30

    Loving our community!

    2,000 messages written? You must really love our community!

  24. 40

    Verified Real Man

    Wow, you braved talking to QueenBee... and survived! Here is your reward!

  25. 40

    Busy Bee 2500

    2500 posts/messages written? You ARE a Busy Bee!

  26. 50

    Verified Real Woman

    It takes guts to talk to that QueenBee.. you deserve a reward!

  27. 50

    Busy Bee 3000

    Seriously, you're a really valuable member of our community with 3,000 posts!

  28. 50

    I survived meeting QueenBee

    For those few brave enough to have spent quality time with QueenBee during her travels.

  29. 60

    Busy Bee 3500

    3500 times you've written a message/post? Wow. Impressive.. let's hope they were all good ones!

  30. 70

    Busy Bee 4000

    So, what's your secret? 4,000 posts and counting!

  31. 80

    Busy Bee 4500

    Did you ever believe you would really get to 4500 posts? Awe inspiring!

  32. 90

    Busy Bee 5000!

    Simply Amazing! 5,000 total posts written! Thank you for your generous contribution to our forum!

  33. 100

    SMTR Patron

    Patrons have donated a minimum of $1,000 US dollars to SMTR over the years. This site could not exist without these amazing members! (Standing Ovation!)

  34. 100

    Busy Bee 5500!

    There are very few who ever will contribute this amount of time and energy to our community. Thank you for adding your voice in so many ways!

  35. 110

    Busy Bee 6000

    Six THOUSAND posts! Have you worn out your fingers yet?

  36. 120

    Busy Bee 6500 (Old Timer)

    That is six THOUSAND five hundred messages you've written over the years! Yes, you are officially now an 'SMTR Old Timer'

  37. 130

    Busy Bee 7000 (Really Old Timer)

    Congratulations to reaching a level that very few every obtain in posting on SMTR!

  38. 140

    Busy.. Heck, Old Timer 7500

    Seven Thousand Five Hundred posts. Seriously? Has QueenBee hugged you lately?

  39. 200


    Moderators devote hundreds of hours of their time to SMTR. For this they deserve our applause AND a reward!

  40. 200

    SMTR Super Patron!

    There is only one most special Patron who has donated over $10,000 to support SMTR. Without him there would be no new forum! What a Believer he is!