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What is a 'Verified Real Man'

Verified Real Men are pretty cool guys! AND NOW YOU GET PROFILE BLING!!!! How cool is that?

QB-verified-men-profile bling.jpg VeezKnight is one of the FIRST Verified Real Men as well as an founding member of this website! Don't you love the profile bling? Verified Real Men will always have the blue bar displayed.

Now back to business....
I'm the QueenBee and I know each of them. They have all either talked with or met me in person over the years. During my travels I take the time to meet up with members in that area, plus many members have traveled to Portland, Oregon, USA, in order to meet myself and other local members.

The 'Verified Real Man' (VRM, VRM.. sounds like a car engine!) program was started after a few men said they felt left out after their spouse/girlfriend/partner was able to talk to me during the 'Verified Real Woman' call. So it occurred to me that I would greatly enjoy meeting and talking with these wonderful men too.

But then a few of the moderators said 'Uh, QueenBee, we think that would be a huge waste of time for you.' What? Why? Well, they were right. It's not talking to the men that is a waste of time, as they've all been great guys. Nope, it's the men who want to 'Talk' to the QueenBee. They're not really interested in the benefits of having a private 'Verified Real Men' only forum, or having access to the 'Verified Real Women' in the 'Verified Human' forum. Aliens are pretty much not allowed, but are invited to apply for a 'Verified Alien' title.

To slow down the number of people who were asking for verification, it was decided that I would charge my standard 'Coaching' (Relationship/Life Coaching) hourly fee. Therefore there is a $75 fee in order to talk with QueenBee. The benefits you receive are multiple! (Well, I think so, lol) Not only do the men meet me, usually on Skype, but they also have the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions. If they're in a relationship, they'll usually ask for ideas on how to talk to their wife, or they'll ask how to fix a problem. We'll often discuss how the female brain works (yes, really!) when it comes to leading their relationship and where their concerns are. To date, all of the verified real men have found the talk to be well worth their $75. Some of these men have gone on to utilize the relationship coaching too. Yes, I do help coach single guys who have trouble finding their ideal woman.

You'll find the option to become a 'verified real man' under your personal profile options. The 'Account Upgrade' area is where you can become a site supporter, ask for coaching time, or choose to become verified. You'll be contacted by me usually within 24 hours. Then we'll plan a date and time to meet online or to talk on the phone I'm quite willing to accommodate schedules of those in other Countries. I'm personally located in the Pacific Time Zone - GMT -8.
Sep 7, 2014
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